Character: xhias

A character created by Ratte.

Official Source says:
Xhias is part of the local popular students due to his participation in athletics. He grew up on a faraway beach with his little sister, Xianè, and hides much of his past life from the other members. He is an anthro akita inu (dilute faraden) with a loyal and strong-willed personality. His element is water.

More detailed description on his reference post.

▼ From the official bios:

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Name: Xhias
Age: 18
Sex: M
Race: Dilute faraden
Species: akita inu dog
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180lbs
Occupation: student, fisherman
Hometown: Riau
Home region: Qaywas

- Hair and fur: light orange fur, cream subcoat, dirty blonde hair
- Markings: none
- Eye color: honey brown (normal), deep blue (contacts)
- Other features: curly tail
Clothing/Personal Style: functional-- grey-blue jacket, varied color undershirt, blue or dark khaki jeans or cargo pants, makeshift X-shaped bag clip

Behavior and Personality: studious, hesitatingly friendly, very private
Skills: fishing, swimming, good memory, solid endurance
Weaknesses: crowds, social events, money, contacts
Likes: the sea, fish, seafood, his family
Dislikes: dedicating so much time to school, his eyes, his seemingly bleak future

Favorite food: swordfish
Favorite drink: fruit drinks
Favorite location: Riau
Favorite weather: hot, sunny, briney winds
Favorite color: steel blue
Element: water
Weapon: dual katars
Themesong: Two Ways - These Years

History: Originally from Riau, a settlement of Qaywas. Scared by Xhias' "bad luck" eyes, his parents forbade him from leaving their small home and having much interaction with outside people. After Xiane's birth, tensions rose between both parents, his mother having a harder time supporting keeping her young son withdrawn from society. When the father left for work, his mother would take Xhias and Xiane outside, where the general public took little issue with his eyes outside of curiosity. The two looked forward to these outings until a day where the father came home early, finding his family gone-- Xhias included. This started a growing trend of abuse against both he and his mother over his shame. His mother tried to save up money so she could get both Xhias and Xiane from the broken household, but the father discovered these plans, divorced her, and kept the children. When Xhias was about 14, he found a stash of savings hidden away in the house. He steals it one night and takes his sister to the shipyard, where they both board for Faradus. The strange looks and ostracizing behavior from other faradens, like his father, lead him to hate his eyes as he tries to find work to support the both of them, finally buying contacts to hide himself.

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