General: 3 heads

Any character with 3 heads.

  • All characters with 3 heads should be tagged with this.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: three_heads

This tag implies the following tags: multi_head

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3_heads akita akita_inu ambiguous_gender armor arthropod avian baby_raccoon_ponpoko beast_(disambiguation) bird canine cerberus cervine chain clothing cute cute_fangs deer demon dog drum eyewear feral flora_fauna flower food fur glasses group hamster harness helmet insect kalantosa_mystical_beast_of_the_forest ladybug lagomorph madolche_hootcake mammal multi_head musical_instrument owl pancake plant rabbit red_sclera rescue_hamster rescue_rabbit rodent ryko_lightsworn_hunter simple_background size_difference suit tanuki tears the_fabled_cerburrel tongue tongue_out valerifawn_mystical_beast_of_the_forest white_background white_fur yu-gi-oh 下田

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Date: March 19, 2017 ↑3 ♥6 C0 S 2017 3_heads 5_fingers <3 andrea_lexin anthro beach big_breasts bikini black_body blue_eyes blush breasts claws clothing cloud day dragon eyelashes fangs feet female fingering gold_(metal) green_eyes hydra jewelry looking_at_viewer masturbation membranous_wings multi_head navel necklace nnecgrau outside pose red_eyes sand scalie sea seaside sky smile solo speech_bubble spikes sun sunshine swimsuit thick_thighs toe_claws vaginal vaginal_masturbation water wings yellow_body

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Date: February 07, 2017 ↑7 ♥14 C0 S 3_heads anthro areola bench big_areola big_breasts big_dom_small_sub biting_lip boob_hat breast_grab breasts claws conjoined dragon duo female grin hand_on_breast holding_breast horn huge_breasts inu-jean larger_female male male/female multi_head nethany nipples nude pawpads red_scales scales scalie sitting size_difference smaller_male smile space white_pawpads white_scales window

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Date: January 27, 2017 ↑16 ♥85 C0 E 2015 3_heads anthro balls big_balls big_breasts big_bulge big_penis breasts brown_hair bulge clothing dickgirl hair huge_balls huge_breasts hyper hyper_balls hyper_breasts hyper_penis intersex mammal multi_head nipple_bulge penis penis_outline pregnant revadiehard rodent solo squirrel

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