General: bestiality

Sexual activity between feral and non-feral characters (including human, anthro, taur, naga, etc.).

Note that for tagging purposes, human-like intelligence (sapience) does not determine whether or not a character is feral, it is entirely related to their physical form. In other words, if a human transformed into a wolf and starts having sex with a feral wolf, it is not considered bestiality (but it is considered feral_on_feral).

  • If the image depicts an anthro character sexually involved with a feral character, it should also be tagged with anthro_on_feral.
  • If the image depicts an human character sexually involved with a feral character, it should also be tagged with human_on_feral.

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  • forum #174754 - Can we figure out a way to split the Bestiality tag? (Oct. 2015)

The following tags are aliased to this tag: beastiality, zoophilia, animal_on_woman, man_on_animal, involuntary_bestiality

This tag implies the following tags: feral

The following tags are implicated to this tag: humanoid_on_feral, feral_on_taur, human_on_feral, anthro_on_feral

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