General: cock vore

A kind of vore which a character with a penis absorbs, sucks, or forces another character through their urethra. Cock vore sometimes precedes expulsion, while other artists prefer it to end with the absorption of the other character through the testicles converting them into semen (see cum_vore).

Cock vore is thought to be the antithesis of unbirthing.

See also:

  • cannibalism - Eating one’s own species.
  • vore
    • soft_vore - A light vore. You might see this on Looney Toons.
    • hard_vore - An extreme vore. Blood, gore, etc.
    • absorption_vore - A specific vore subtype where one character absorbs another.
    • anal_vore - A character swallowed into the anus whole.
    • auto_vore - A character swallowing their own body.
    • breast_vore - A character swallowed into one or both breasts.
      • nipple_vore - A character being swallowed through the nipple.
    • cock_vore - A character swallowed into the penis whole.
    • oral_vore - A character being eaten, the traditional way.
    • tail_vore - A character swallowed into a hole on the tail
    • imminent_vore - Vore that hasn't happened, but is going to happen...very soon.
    • post_vore - The time period immediately after a good meal.
  • unbirthing - Functionally similar to the phrase "pussy vore", but often involves a return to the uterus.

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