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Date: April 17, 2015

Referenced from the pokémon Eevee, eeveelution is a publicly-used word for evolutions of and including Eevee (Eevee + evolution).

Due to Eevee having unstable genetic formations, Eevee has 8 stages of evolutions/eeveelutions. They are listed below:

  • The Water type, Vaporeon, using a water stone.
  • The Fire type, Flareon, using a fire stone.
  • The Electric type, Jolteon, using an electric stone.
  • The Dark type, Umbreon, leveling up with high friendship at night.
  • The Psychic type, Espeon, leveling up with high friendship during the daytime.
  • The Grass type, Leafeon, leveling up near the mossy stone.
  • The Ice type, Glaceon, leveling up near the icy stone.
  • The Fairy type, Sylveon, gaining two affection hearts in Pokémon Amie, learning a Fairy-type move, and leveling up.

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