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Magneton (Japanese: レアコイル Rarecoil) is a dual-type Electric/Steel Pokémon and formerly, in Generation I, a pure Electric-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Magnemite starting at level 30 and evolves into Magnezone when leveled up in either Mt. Coronet, Chargestone Cave, Kalos Route 13, or on New Mauville.

Magneton is the result of three Magnemite being linked together by a strong magnetic force, although a single Magnemite can evolve by itself when no other Magnemite are in the vicinity. The three Magnemite that Magneton consists of can be linked several ways. Magneton is most commonly seen as one Magnemite on top, and two Magnemite linked via body on the bottom, forming a triangle. However, in some cases, commonly seen in 3D Pokémon games, the Magnemite will not be connected at all, remaining in a triangular formation at rest, and being able to freely move within each other's vicinity to form other patterns. The magnetic forces that holds the three Magnemite together is powerful enough to dry up all moisture and raise the temperature 3.6 °F in the vicinity. It can also be disruptive to electronic devices.

Even though Magneton is a mechanical creature, it still has the need to eat. As seen in the anime, food for Magneton consists of electrical currents. It is usually found in rough terrain, often near power plants. When sunspots flare up, Magneton tends to appear more often, presumably due to the changes in the sun's magnetic field. It has been shown in the manga that it possesses the ability to form its electricity into both platforms and barriers. Despite its modern, artificial appearance, carvings depicting Magneton have been discovered at the Ruins of Alph, indicating it has existed for at least 1,500 years.

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