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anthro canine clothing crocdragon89 drake_(crocdragon) footwear furgonomics jacket male mammal multi_arm multi_limb pants shoes simple_background solo wolf

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User: mutanimal
Date: June 26, 2016 2008 4_arms 4_fingers 5_fingers anthro black_claws cathedral claws demon destruction detailed detailed_background dragon fire glowing glowing_eyes grey_body grey_scales grin half-length_portrait horn jason_chan magic_the_gathering male malfegor membranous_wings multi_arm multi_limb nude official_art orange_eyes portrait pose scales scalie smile solo spread_wings window wings wizards_of_the_coast

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User: Linnefer
Date: August 03, 2013
A character that has more than two arms on a individual body. Taurs are affected by the assigned species of their upper body.

Anthropomorphic forms of species that naturally possess wings and are depicted as having both two wings and two arms should not be tagged as multi_arm.

Some common arm number standards:

species group arm number
human/humanoid/anthro 2
most non-primate mammals and amphibians -
reptiles 2 depending on species
dragons 2 as wings(western cultures, rarely present in eastern cultures)
wyverns /drakes 2 as wings
insects -
arachnids -
birds 2 as wings
centaur 2 on upper half
centipede/millipede -


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The following tags are aliased to this tag: multiple_arm, multi_arms, multi-arms, multi-arm, multiple_arms

This tag implies the following tags: multi_limb

The following tags are implicated to this tag: 3_arms, 4_arms

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