General: multi limb

A character that has more limbs than are normal (standards) to its natural species. Taurs are affected by the assigned species of their lower body and upper body.

Some common leg and arm number standards:

species group leg number arm number
human/humanoid/anthro 2 2
most non-primate mammals and amphibians 4 -
reptiles 2 or 4 depending on species 2 depending on species
dragons 4 2 as wings(western cultures, rarely present in eastern cultures)
wyverns /drakes 2 2 as wings
insects 6 -
arachnids 8 -
birds 2 2 as wings
centaur 4 2 on upper half
centipede/millipede 30+ -

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: multi-limb, multiple_limbs, multi_limbs

The following tags are implicated to this tag: multi_arm, multi_leg

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