General: nightmare fuel

An image of a disturbing or freaky design that might haunt someone in their sleep. Nightmare fuel can be subtle or overt. All it has to do is supply the creepy mental imagery and ideas - the viewer's mind provides the spark.

The tag scary, creepy or similar does not refer to this
  • If the post has you saying "Ah, spooky ghost" it is not nightmare fuel.
  • If the post has you saying "Oh god what the fuck!" or "Why would you draw that?" then it should be tagged nightmare fuel.

Note: For ethical purposes, no specific examples of artists are given unless specifically requested (by the artist).

See also

  • nightmare_fuel - Extremely frightening or otherwise unsettling (likely to cause nightmares).
  • what - What is this I don't even.
  • what_has_science_done - Mutations and bizarre creations.
  • where_is_your_god_now - Why would god let this happen?
  • why - Why does this even exist?

The following tags are aliased to this tag: boner_murder, go_to_sleep, nightmarefuel

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