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General: penectomy

The removal of the penis, through surgery, chemicals, or brute force.

  • Also used for a character that has had their penis removed.
  • Not to be confused with castration, the removal of the testicles.

See also:

  • nullo - A character with both the penis and testicles removed.
    • nullification - The gory process of removing both the penis and testicles.
      • castration - The gory process of removing the testicles. ("neutering")
        • eunuch - A character that has had their testicles removed ("neutered").
      • penectomy - Both the gory removal of the penis or the resulting lack of having a penis afterwards.
  • featureless_crotch - A character with no evidence of genitals having ever been present.
  • mastectomy - the gory removal of the breast or the lack of having breasts

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