General: shocked

Shocked is the intense feeling of being surprised and upset at the same time, because of a traumatic event or discovery. Often unexpected or without any warning for the character that it was coming.

Signs of a character being in shock are a combination of context (what just happened, or what they just found out), and how they feel about it. Shocked reactions can include becoming speechless, angry, motionless, having bugged out eyes, staring, or otherwise have trouble deciding how to react. Situations where a character could feel shocked might be very different, including things which are horrifying, scary or disgusting. The tag is describing their reaction to it, and not any specific situation.

In pictures and comics, a shocked reaction is often used to emphasize how big of a deal something is. But a shocked reaction can also be intended to make the viewer laugh at the character's over the top reaction, especially if the viewer saw it coming.

Note: This tag is for characters having a shocked reaction, not for images which the viewer finds shocking to look at. Use your Blacklist whenever something shocks you on this site, and you wish to never see it again.

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