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one breast out

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When most or all of a single breast is exposed out of clothing or other covering that would normally conceal or contain it.

When both breasts are out or visible, use exposed_breasts.

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anthro baggy_clothing bottomwear breasts clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) female fur hair lucie_(sketchytoasty) lying mammal marsupial missing_eye mostly_nude nipple_outline nipples one_breast_out panties phalangeriform relaxing shirt simple_background sketchytoasty solo topwear underwear
3d_(artwork) 9:16 animatronic areola baby_(fnafsl) big_breasts black_clothing black_panties black_underwear blush breast_grab breasts circus_baby_(fnaf) clothed clothing clown digital_media_(artwork) female five_nights_at_freddy's green_eyes hair hand_on_breast hi_res humanoid jollyferret machine nipples one_breast_out panties photoshop pose red_hair robot robot_humanoid robotic_arm sister_location skimpy smooth_skin solo source_filmmaker teasing tongue tongue_out underwear video_games white_body
5_fingers aggressive_retsuko anthro areola areola_slip big_breasts bird_dog black_nose book bottomwear breasts canid canine canis clothed clothing cocker_spaniel domestic_dog dress_shirt exposed_breasts female fingers footwear fur furniture hi_res high_heels holding_book holding_object huge_breasts hunting_dog inside inui_(aggressive_retsuko) legwear looking_at_viewer mammal nipple_slip nipples office_clothing one_breast_out rogbiejoke sanrio shirt shoes signature sitting sitting_on_table skirt small_waist solo spaniel table tan_body tan_fur thigh_highs topwear vest wardrobe_malfunction
<3 anthro anthro_on_anthro armwear blue_hair breast_grab breasts butt canid canine close-up clothing digimon digimon_(species) dipstick_ears duo ears_back eyes_closed female female/female fingering fingering_partner fluffy fluffy_tail fox fur grabbing_from_behind hair hand_in_panties hand_in_underwear hand_on_breast hi_res kissing krystal legwear looking_pleasured mammal markings multicolored_body multicolored_ears multicolored_fur navel neck_tuft nintendo nipple_fetish nipple_play nipples one_breast_out panties pattern_clothing pattern_legwear pattern_stockings pivoted_ears renamon simple_background sitting smile star_fox stockings striped_clothing striped_legwear striped_stockings stripes thigh_highs tuft twiren two_tone_body two_tone_fur underwear vaginal vaginal_fingering video_games