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Artist: burninghart

A manga-style anthro artist. Primarily draws females, but has drawn male characters fairly often, as well. He does not post adult artwork often, and only posts it on his furaffinity account, which is bereft of most of his clean artworks, which are featured on his deviantart account.

His most commonly drawn characters are the unusually-colored fox named Kiima, and his human Persona, Percy. He also has a separate, anthropomorphic character named Percy Lyn Thomason, who goes by his middle name, Lyn.



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<3 anthro bell bell_earrings biped black_and_white bodily_fluids breasts breast_squish burninghart canid canine choker collar critique_welcome crying emotional female floating fox gift hi_res jewelry kiima_yuki looking_at_viewer mammal monochrome necklace nude scar smile solo squish tears thigh_gap traditional_media_(artwork)
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2009 anthro blush bottomless breasts burninghart canid canine chest_tuft clothed clothing clothing_lift collar eyes_closed female fox fur genitals graphite_(artwork) greyscale hi_res in_heat kiima_yuki legband mammal monochrome nervous nipples pencil_(artwork) portrait pubes pussy reluctant shirt shirt_lift sketch solo spread_legs spreading thighband three-quarter_portrait topwear traditional_media_(artwork) tuft under_boob