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Last Updated: August 2019

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forum #200361 - Advanced Tag/Wiki discussion: Optics (Jul. 2016)

A collection of various meta optical tag, and related. Literal optics-related tags (camera etc.) may be included if there are no better groups for it at the time of its addition. Use your best judgement.

If you find any more optical/perspective tags or similar, please add them in!

Tags with [!] are used on <10 posts as of date above.
Tags with [?] are possibly not valid, but have >10 post count.


List of Optical Tags:

Angle: ^

Focus (a character's gaze relative to something): ^

Framing: ^

Levels of Light: ^

Perspective: ^

Technology: ^

Visual Metatags: ^

Other: ^

Some of these tags may be moved or recategorized later on.

See Also: ^

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