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the tag team of the artists Loki Dogoran- anthro artist and Finrir Dogoran- standard animal and anthro artist.
Loki does the actual drawing, while Finrir does details (fur, bg, shading, etc.)

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This tag has been aliased to cookiekangaroo (learn more).

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ambiguous_gender anthro body_in_mouth cervid cookiekangaroo duo facial_piercing fangs feet_first fench hybrid male male/ambiguous mammal micro nose_piercing nose_ring piercing septum_piercing size_difference tongue vore
1:1 4_fingers anthro armband biped claws clothed clothing cookiekangaroo fangs fench fingers fully_clothed fur half-length_portrait hi_res hybrid jacket male medal nazi nazi_salute orange_body orange_fur peaked_cap portrait pupils purple_background red_eyes sabertooth_(anatomy) side_view simple_background slit_pupils solo standing topwear uniform whiskers white_body white_fur yellow_sclera
anthro body_in_mouth canid canine cookiekangaroo duo facial_piercing fangs feet_first felid fench fur gaping_mouth hybrid male male/male mammal micro mouth_shot multicolored_body multicolored_fur nose_piercing nose_ring open_mouth orange_background palate piercing rainbow rainbow_body rainbow_fur septum_piercing simple_background size_difference smaller_male tongue vore
4:3 animal_genitalia anthro balls cookiekangaroo fangs felid fench genitals hi_res hybrid male mammal nude penis penis_tip piercing purple_background sheath simple_background solo spreading spread_legs tongue