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Artist: sixx

I do mostly photomorphs (have a photo you'd like me to morph let me know!!!)
I will be getting a tablet so hopefully I'll be able to do hand drawn peices soon :)

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2015 anthro armlet balls biped bodily_fluids bracelet brown_body brown_fur brown_hair claws countershading dripping erection fur genital_fluids genitals green_eyes hair hand_on_penis hi_res jewelry jex kaylii knot licking licking_lips looking_at_viewer male navel necklace nude open_mouth orange_body orange_fur penis plantigrade precum self_lick sitting sixx solo spread_legs spreading tongue tongue_out white_body white_fur
anthro breasts edit felid female jaguar leopard mammal nipples nude pantherine photo_manipulation photomorph sixx solo spots tree wood yellow_theme