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Artist: battle fennec

Just a fresh artist who doesn't mind people distributing his works. Although he's just working on them and trying to make his works better by practicing and getting comments to see if he's doing things right.

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2020 aliasing alpha_channel anthro anthro_on_anthro anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro arrow balls battle_fennec battle_fennec_(character) black_body black_fur blue_balls blue_eyes blue_penis blush bodily_fluids breasts butt chiropteran duo dust:_an_elysian_tail erection featureless_breasts female female_penetrated fidget from_behind_position fuko full-length_portrait fur genital_fluids genitals green_eyes humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis larger_male male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings nimbat nude open_mouth pata penetration penis portrait pussy pussy_juice sex simple_background size_difference smaller_female smaller_penetrated smile spoon_position spooning transparent_background vaginal vaginal_penetration video_games wings yellow_body yellow_fur
2:1 battle_fennec blush camo canid canine clothing female fennekin gloves handwear hi_res mammal missile nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) rocket russian solo soviet_union suggestive topwear vest video_games
battle_fennec bed camo canid canine clothing female fennekin furniture gloves handwear mammal nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) sleeping solo topwear vest video_games weird_arm_placement
1:1 ambiguous_gender armor battle_fennec braixen canid canine fire flamethrower flammenwerfer_43 german gun_magazine headgear helmet mammal mischief monochrome nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) ranged_weapon unintentional_typo video_games weapon wehrmancht