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balls expansion

Any post that depicts a character's balls expanding in size. If this is due to inflation, also use ball_inflation.

This tag should not be confused with ball_growth. The growth tags are used for "growing" new body parts more so than "inflating".

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2020 3_toes 4_arms 4_fingers 4_toes alien ambient_bird antennae_(anatomy) anthro avian balls balls_expansion big_balls big_penis bird blue_body blue_eyes blue_fur blue_nose blue_pawpads blush body_size_growth border brown_eyes buckteeth building chest_tuft city claws day destruction digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) diphallism dipstick_antennae disney experiment_(lilo_and_stitch) eyes_closed facial_markings fan_character fingers fur genitals group growth hair head_markings hi_res holding_object holding_weapon horizontal_diphallism house huge_balls huge_penis humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis hyper hyper_balls hyper_genitalia hyper_penis lifting_penis lilo_and_stitch looking_at_another looking_back macro male markings max_(maxpany) maxpany multi_arm multi_genitalia multi_limb multi_penis multicolored_antennae notched_ear open_mouth open_smile outside overweight pawpads penis penis_expansion pink_hair pink_markings plasma_blaster plasma_gun purple_tongue ranged_weapon red_nose reuben_(lilo_and_stitch) signature sitting_on_penis smile standing stitch_(lilo_and_stitch) striped_tail stripes teeth toes tongue tree tuft vein veiny_penis weapon white_border yellow_body yellow_fur
2020 ambiguous_gender anthro anthro_penetrated ball_fondling balls balls_expansion blue_eyes blush bodily_fluids bound butt clothed clothing collar cum cum_in_tentacles cum_inside digital_media_(artwork) dragon duo elemental_creature erection fellatio flay_(wingedwilly) flora flora_fauna fondling frill_(anatomy) genital_fluids genitals glowing growth horn male male/ambiguous open_mouth oral oral_penetration penetration penile penis penis_expansion penis_milking plant restrained scales scalie sex simple_background story story_in_description tentacle_fellatio tentacle_sex tentacles text thick_thighs torn_clothing trials_in_tainted_space video_games wide_hips wingedwilly
absurd_res anthro ball_growth balls balls_expansion belly big_balls big_belly big_breasts big_butt big_penis blue_and_white bodily_fluids bottomwear bra breast_expansion breast_growth breasts butt butt_growth canid canine carmelita_fox clothing cum cum_inflation disney equid equine female feral fox genital_fluids genitals gloum group growth hasbro hi_res hiphugger horse huge_balls huge_penis hyper hyper_balls hyper_genitalia hyper_penis inflation intersex intersex/female intersex/intersex judy_hopps lagomorph leporid mammal monochrome multi_breast my_little_pony panties penis police_officer police_uniform rabbit skirt sly_cooper_(series) sony_corporation sony_interactive_entertainment sucker_punch_productions underwear uniform vaghugger video_games zootopia
1:1 2020 animal_genitalia animal_humanoid animal_penis animated armwear balls balls_expansion breast_expansion breasts brown_nipples canid canid_humanoid canine canine_humanoid canine_penis clothing dog_humanoid elbow_gloves erection genitals gloves gynomorph handwear homestuck humanoid intersex jade_harley knot legwear mammal mammal_humanoid mostly_nude ms_paint_adventures nipples no_sound penis penis_expansion rainbowsprinklesart short_playtime solo thigh_highs webcomic webm