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cyan background

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Images with a cyan background.

Cyan description

Cyan (RGB hex: #00FFFF) is a color between green and blue. On the green side of cyan lies spring green, and aquamarine. On the blue side of cyan lies, azure blue, and turquoise. Dark cyan is generally known as teal. Teal is usually kept separate from cyan.

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1:1 ambiguous_gender anthro blue_eyes bodily_fluids brown_hair cyan_background disembodied_hand drooling ferin fur grey_body grey_fur group hair hands_in_mouth hyaenid looking_down male male/ambiguous male_focus mammal nipples open_mouth riding_crop saliva stripes whip zyena
5_fingers anthro bottomwear breasts clothed clothing cyan_background female fingers fish grin hair hi_res low-angle_view marine nipple_tape non-mammal_breasts panties pants pasties shark sharp_teeth simple_background smile solo tape teeth topless underwear undressing unzipped
:3 animal_genitalia anthro balls bedroom_eyes black_body black_fur blush butt_from_the_front cartoon_network cyan_background dilated_pupils domestic_cat erection felid feline felis fleshysack front_view fur genitals green_sclera hand_on_own_stomach hi_res looking_at_viewer male mammal mao_mao:_heroes_of_pure_heart narrowed_eyes nude penis presenting presenting_penis seductive sheath sheriff_mao_mao_mao simple_background smile solo standing thick_thighs thigh_gap wide_hips
animated black_body black_fur blinking blue_body blue_fur blue_hair candy canid canine canis checkered_background colorful cyan_background ear_twitch eye_contact feral fluffy fluffy_tail food fur glowing hair hand_on_face happy kurai_(wmar01) looking_at_another looking_at_viewer male mammal markings open_mouth open_smile pattern_background rainbow rainbows_and_chocolate_(artist) red_body red_fur short_playtime simple_background smile sparkling_eyes teeth tribal wolf