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An informal spelling of "come", which is a slang term for semen: a sperm-containing fluid released from the penis through the process of ejaculation (a.k.a. a cumshot) during an orgasm.

Like all sexual fluids, cum is always Explicit.

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: semen, sperm, jizz, spunk, white_cum, cum_filled, thick_cum, sticky_cum, spooge (learn more).

This tag implicates genital_fluids (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: cumshot, cum_inside, cum_on_butt, cum_on_face, cum_in_mouth, cum_on_chest, bukkake, cum_covered, cum_on_breasts, cum_pool, cum_string, cum_on_stomach, cum_on_tail, cum_drip, cum_on_self, autobukkake, excessive_cum, cum_on_clothes, cum_on_balls, cum_from_mouth, cum_from_navel, cum_while_penetrated, cum_on_penis, cum_in_hair, cum_everywhere, cum_on_leg, cum_on_tongue, hyper_cum, cum_drool, cum_on_feet, cum_on_anus, cum_on_pussy, cum_on_back, cum_splatter, cum_fart, cum_on_hand, cum_on_arm, cum_on_ground, cum_on_body, cum_in_nipples, licking_cum, unusual_cum, infinite_cum, cum_between_breasts, cum_inflation, cum_in_water, cum_on_bed, cum_in_clothing, cum_on_clothing, cum_transformation, cum_vore, cum_on_nipples, cum_on_ear, cum_in_bowl, cum_in_throat, cum_on_horn, cum_on_hoof, cum_on_beak, cum_on_snout, cum_on_dildo, cum_bath, cum_in_pouch, cum_on_sheath, cum_in_sheath, cum_on_tentacle, cum_through_clothing, cum_on_cloaca, cum_on_antennae, cum_on_mask, cum_bubble, cum_on_feathers, cum_on_pokéball, cum_on_collar, cum_on_leash, cum_in_diaper, cum_from_nose (learn more).

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