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on shoulder

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When a character carries another character on one shoulder. The second character is usually smaller than the first one.

See also

  • tag_group:touching
  • shoulder_carry - when the more active party is the one doing the carrying, instead of the one on the shoulder
  • perching_position - a character standing on another character, but typically more of same size, and this is a sex position
  • on_top_of - generally a character on top of another

This tag implicates carrying (learn more).

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2020 absurd_res ambiguous_gender anthro black_mane black_tail brown_mane brown_tail butt butt_grab carrying carrying_partner cheek_tuft chest_tuft chimera cloud draconequus duo equid equine facial_tuft fan_character feral flying fur hand_on_butt hasbro hi_res horn looking_at_viewer looking_back mammal mane midair my_little_pony on_shoulder ponsex purple_body purple_fur rivibaes_(oc) shark_tail tan_body tan_fur tongue tongue_out tuft underhoof unicorn
2020 3_toes abs alien antennae_(anatomy) anthro anthrofied beach black_eyes blue_eyes bulge burrserk carrying cel_shading clothed clothing dipstick_antennae disney duo experiment_(lilo_and_stitch) facial_hair food fur gantu gesture grey_body grey_nipples grey_skin hand_on_hip holding_food holding_object lilo_and_stitch male multicolored_antennae muscular muscular_male nipples on_shoulder open_mouth open_smile overweight overweight_male pecs pointing red_nose reuben_(lilo_and_stitch) sandwich_(food) seaside signature smile standing swimming_trunks swimwear toes towel yellow_body yellow_fur
2020 4_ears 4_fingers 4_toes absurd_res anthro avali avian beak black_sclera blue_body blue_feathers carrying cub digital_media_(artwork) feathers fingers gesture green_eyes hi_res hybrid male multi_ear on_shoulder open_mouth pointing smile teeth toes tongue vennightsky white_body white_eyes white_feathers yellow_body yellow_feathers young
2020 4_fingers alien anal anal_penetration antennae_(anatomy) anthro anthrofied balls bulge burrserk butt carrying clothing disney experiment_(lilo_and_stitch) fingers flaccid food gantu genitals gesture humanoid_genitalia humanoid_penis lilo_and_stitch male male/male musclegut muscular muscular_male navel nipples on_shoulder penetration penis pointing restricted_palette reuben_(lilo_and_stitch) sandwich_(food) simple_background size_difference small_dom_big_sub standing swimming_trunks swimwear unfinished