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Images and animations with this tag feature a witch. Classically described, a witch has a witch_hat, and probably is wearing a black dress or robe. She may have a familiar of some sort, and may have a broom. A witch is usually female or a related gender--but can be male or their own related genders--and are known to do magic, fly on a broomstick, and/or brew potions.

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  • witch_costume - Tag this for characters appearing to wear the costume that imitates witches. This is important because the witch tag will also add magic_user to posts, but characters merely wearing a witch costume probably aren't visibly magic users. For such characters not actively performing magic, you must decide if the character's clothing and accessories and the setting and objects filling out the art bias the character toward being a proper witch or the imitation of a witch and tag the character accordingly.

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anthro ashley_(zaviel) big_butt blush bodily_fluids bovid bovine butt butt_focus caprine cattle classroom clothing comic constipation day desk female furniture goat gorga_sisters group hi_res magic_user male male/female mammal mustela mustelid musteline panties school school_desk sitting student sweat teacher tears tears_of_desperation text true_musteline underwear witch zaviel
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