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Character: skye (zootopia)

Skye is a fan-given name for a character from the early production work on the popular Disney film Zootopia. The movie-makers considered centering the movie around a male rabbit character, named Jack Savage, going on 'secret agent' type adventures. An unnamed female fox with light-colored fur and a cute appearance apparently might have served as a mechanic (or possibly as a spy with the 'cover' of that job) during said adventures. However, nearly all of this was scrapped as the film's production went on.

Fans of Zootopia that looked into its background gave the vixen name of "Skye" (adapted from an unclear bit of text in her initial depiction). Despite the limited official material of either Savage or Skye, a lot has been created by fans showing them interacting both with each other (frequently as romantic partners) and with the final film's two protagonists: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. While depictions vary, Skye is usually described as both happy and resourceful.

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Original Skye (Disney official art by Byron Howard)

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