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An elongated flexible organ present in animals, especially invertebrates. Usually, tentacles are used for feeding, feeling, and grasping. Anatomically, they work like other muscular hydrostats (such as the tongue).

Tentacles are often confused for a cephalopod's arms. Tentacles do not have suckers along their length, only on a pad at the end, referred to as the "club." Especially thin tentacles without this club are referred to as "tendrils."

For tagging purposes, this applies to both attached tentacles and off-screen tentacles. Tentacles should not be counted as a character unless they are attached to a visible character such as an octopus or a tentacle monster. Plant-based tentacles, especially those attached to a flora_fauna character, are usually also vines.

To summarize, a solo character having sex with off-screen tentacles should almost never be tagged with:

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  • tentacles

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The following tags implicate this tag: tentacle_rape, penis_tentacles, crotch_tentacles, tentacle_sex, tentacle_pussy, tentacle_maw, tentacle_mouth, cum_in_tentacles, tentacle_tongue, tentacle_hair, consentacles, tentacle_monster, imminent_tentacle_rape, tentacles_everywhere, translucent_tentacles, tentacle_in_mouth, back_tentacles, black_tentacles, blue_tentacles, cum_on_tentacle, face_tentacles, glowing_tentacles, goo_tentacles, green_tentacles, metallic_tentacles, milking_tentacles, orange_tentacles, pink_tentacles, purple_tentacles, red_tentacles, spiked_tentacles, striped_tentacles, tentacle_cilia, tentacle_grab, tentacle_lick, tentacle_ovipositor, tentacle_penetration, tentacle_tail, two_tone_tentacles, veiny_tentacles, white_tentacles, yellow_tentacles, multicolored_tentacles, monotone_tentacles (learn more).

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