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The feet of an anthropomorphic character, or other appendages similar to the feet of a quadrupedal mammal. Many paws have claws and pawpads depending on the species. Some animals (like rabbits) do not actually have pawpads but may be depicted with them. Walking with paws may leave pawprints.

Paws that take the place of hands are called handpaws, and for feet they are called hindpaws. Characters featuring handpaws are sometimes associated with semi-anthro characters.

Not to be confused with

  • paw_gloves - Clothing in the shape of paws should not be tagged as paws.

Related tags

  • claws
  • digitigrade - Such as the hindpaws of felids (felid/feline), and canids (canid/canine). Plantigrade hindpaws do exist in species such as bears, and some artists may hybridize paws with humanoid feet. Those types of hybridized feet might be considered paws, especially if they have pawpads, but some designs may be better described as only feet.
  • pawpads - Spongy like surface on the underside of many paws. Pads on the fingers are know as fingerpads.
  • pawprint - Also known as animal tracks, pawprints are the printed representation of paws.

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