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The balls (also known as testicles, nuts, ballsack and other terms) are a visible part of the male genitalia that include a pair of roughly spherical testicle glands, as well as the scrotum for tagging convenience.

The testicles have the purpose of sperm production while the scrotum is the visible sack carrying the testicles. They are the male analogy of the female ovaries.

  • In all cases balls should be tagged Explicit.
  • If the balls are not visible but their outline is discernible through clothes, use balls_outline instead. And if the outline is not visible and there is merely a bulge, tag bulge instead.
  • Tag may apply to males, as well as herms, maleherms, and gynomorphs wherever clearly visible.
  • If you are looking to tag for the spherical toy, use ball (singular) instead.

**Merged to the balls tag

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: testicle, testicles, testes, scrotum, ballsack, testicals, ball_sack (learn more).

This tag implicates genitals (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: big_balls, cum_on_balls, ball_fondling, backsack, saggy_balls, ball_grab, holding_balls, bouncing_balls, uniball, small_balls, white_balls, black_balls, yellow_balls, green_balls, blue_balls, orange_balls, purple_balls, grey_balls, brown_balls, red_balls, tan_balls, barely_visible_balls, ball_size_difference, auto_ball_lick, ball_lick, painted_balls, ball_squish, glistening_balls, ball_markings, glowing_balls, scrotum_piercing, veiny_balls, hairy_balls, translucent_balls, lemon_testicles, marsupial_balls, tight_balls, uneven_balls, mottled_balls, spiked_balls, darkened_balls, striped_balls, spotted_balls, humanoid_balls, monotone_balls, precum_on_balls, balls_above_penis, lipstick_on_balls, multi_balls (learn more).

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