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When a post contains three or more characters.
If there's ten or more, also tag large group.

What exactly counts as a character?
  • Someone physically present within the scene, in whole or in part (including things like disembodied_hands).
  • Someone interacting with the scene whose likeness is visible (e.g. on screen in a video_call, a cutaway, etc.).
  • Someone present in static media, such as a photograph, when only static character likenesses are present (Example).
Except if the following is true:

Each image in multi-image posts is tagged separately, which means that it's possible (for instance) to have both solo and duo tags on the same post.

Comic pages are tagged cumulatively by scene. For instance, two characters talking to each other is tagged as duo, not solo, even if drawn in separate panels.

See also

The following tags are aliased to this tag: trio, too_many_characters, 1girl3guys (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: group_sex, duo_focus, crowd, audience, large_group (learn more).

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2020 5_fingers absurd_res anthro antlers balls blue_eyes breasts capreoline cervid dialogue digital_media_(artwork) english_text eyebrows eyes_closed female fingers genitals group hair hi_res horn long_hair male mammal navel nude open_mouth red_eyes reindeer showering sitting text the-minuscule-task water wet
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16:9 1999 amanda_forbis ambulance animated anthro avian avian_caruncle beak beaver better_version_at_source beverage bird bone book bovid bovine bowl bread building bulldog butter butter_knife can canid canine canis caprine car car_accident car_collision car_crash cattle chair chasing chicken city clothed clothing coffee columbid comb_(anatomy) cookie corvid corvus_(genus) crow cutlery dairy_products day death domestic_cat domestic_dog domestic_pig drinking dripping eating egg english_text equid equine eyewear faucet feathers felid feline felis female feral fish food fridge furniture galliform gallus_(genus) glasses goat group hat head_crest headgear headwear holding_cup holding_object hooves horn horse huge_filesize inside kettle key kitchen_knife kitchen_utensils knife lagomorph lemon leporid list lock male mammal marine mastiff milk mirror molosser music necktie nfb outlet outside paper peeling pencil_(object) phasianid photo pigeon plant plate plug police potato powerlines rabbit radio reading rhinocerotoid rodent running scarf sewer shaving sheep singing sink sitting smoking sniffing solo sound spoon stairs standing steam store stretcher subway suid suina suit sus_(pig) suspenders table television text toast toaster tools traffic_light trash_can trilby_(hat) ursid vegetable vehicle waddle walking water webm wendy_tilby whiskers widescreen window
animal_humanoid anthro bodily_fluids chained cum cum_on_chest cum_on_face dragon felid feral forked fur genital_fluids group hi_res humanoid licking lion male male/male mammal mammal_humanoid pantherine raghan rhinocerotoid scalie scar striped_body striped_fur striped_tail stripes thought_bubble tongue tongue_out