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Images or Animations that were created, or worked on, by two or more Artists.

Not to be confused with

  • collaborative, which should be used for instances where characters are working together towards a common goal.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: collab, art_collab, multi_artist, multiple_artists, multi-artist, art_collaboration (learn more).

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animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro anthro_on_anthro begging begging_pose biped bird's-eye_view black_nose blue_body blue_fur blurred_background bodily_fluids bottomwear canid canine canine_penis chair chenod claws clothed clothing cock_worship collaboration collar countershade_tail countershading cum cum_marking cum_on_face cum_string dipstick_ears domination duo erection eyebrows fennec fox fur furniture genital_fluids genitals gloves_(marking) happy hi_res high-angle_view hybrid imminent_sex inside jockstrap kneeling knot legwear looking_at_genitalia looking_at_penis luskfoxx male male/male male_domination mammal markings mganga-the-lion multicolored_body multicolored_ears multicolored_fur multicolored_tail open_mouth pants pants_down partially_clothed pawpads paws penile penis pose purple_eyes sitting smile submissive submissive_male tuft underwear white_body white_fur worship zee_(zfursee)
2018 abs absurd_res anthro armwear bed big_breasts big_butt black_sclera blue_eyes blush breast_squish breasts breasts_frottage bridal_gauntlets butt canid canine clothing collaboration collaborative_titfuck curvy_figure digimon digimon_(species) digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) edit erection faceless_character faceless_human faceless_male female first_person_view foursome fur furniture genitals group group_sex hi_res huge_butt human human_on_anthro interspecies male male/female male_on_anthro male_pov mammal multicolored_body multicolored_fur multicolored_tail neck_tuft penetrating_pov penis plaga renamon sex signature smile squish sssonic2 text titfuck toto_draw tuft voluptuous white_body white_fur wide_hips yellow_body yellow_fur
4_toes 5_fingers anthro areola armwear balls barefoot big_balls big_breasts big_penis black_pupils bodily_fluids breasts clothed clothing collaboration cum cum_on_penis cumshot digital_media_(artwork) ejaculation elbow_gloves erection fingers full-length_portrait genital_fluids genitals gloves green_eyes gynomorph hand_behind_head hand_on_leg hand_on_thigh hands-free handwear hi_res intersex iris legwear looking_pleasured mostly_nude nipples one_eye_closed penis perineum pink_areola pink_nipples pink_tongue pole portrait pose presenting presenting_penis pupils sergal solo spontaneous_ejaculation spread_legs spreading stripper stripper_pole thony_dog toes tongue tongue_out z-littlequeen
animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro arcanine armwear balls bodily_fluids canid canine canine_penis clothing collaboration cum elbow_gloves erection genital_fluids genitals gloves handwear hi_res knot legwear looking_pleasured male mammal nintendo penis pokémon pokémon_(species) pole pose presenting solo stripper stripper_pole thony_dog tongue tongue_out video_games z-littlequeen