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Artist: naoki wolf

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2019 anthro anus balls bed blue_body blue_fur blush butt canid canine conditional_dnp dialogue digital_media_(artwork) dipstick_tail english_text fluffy fluffy_tail fur furniture hi_res kitsunal_(character) long_ears long_tail male mammal multicolored_tail naoki_wolf nervous nude pawpads penis presenting presenting_hindquarters solo text thelunarwoof thenaughtywoof worried
2019 anthro breasts brown_pawpads canid canine canis clitoris conditional_dnp digital_media_(artwork) dildo female fucked_silly fur genitals grey_body grey_fur mammal masturbation naoki_wolf nipples nude pawpads penetration pleasuring_self pussy red_eyes sex_toy simple_background smile solo thelunarwoof thenaughtywoof toy toying_self vaginal vaginal_masturbation wolf
1:1 3_toes all_fours ambiguous_gender brown_body brown_fur canid canine chest_tuft conditional_dnp dipstick_tail eevee feral fur glistening glistening_eyes hi_res looking_at_viewer mammal multicolored_tail naoki_wolf nintendo open_mouth pokémon pokémon_(species) pose rainbow raised_tail shooting_star solo star star_eyes toes tongue tuft video_games white_body white_fur wide_eyed
1:1 3_fingers amber_eyes ambiguous_gender conditional_dnp ears_up feral fingers fur hi_res latias legendary_pokémon looking_back markings naoki_wolf nintendo open_mouth pokémon pokémon_(species) red_body red_fur shy simple_background solo tongue video_games white_body white_fur