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For the artist, see DreamRevolution.

'Finx' is also the name of the fursona they used at that point.

Apparently faked her own death.

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animal_genitalia anthro bed bedroom black_body black_fur black_hair black_nose blue_eyes canid canine clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) dreamrevolution duo english_text exposed female fox foxyrabbittoys fully_sheathed fur furniture genitals gynomorph hair hybrid inside intersex kneeling lagomorph leporid lips long_hair mammal navel on_bed open_mouth oreo_(foxyrabbittoys) pillow pillow_fight rabbit red_body red_fur red_hair sheath shirt_logo short_hair skimpy text unknown_artist vanny white_body white_fur yellow_eyes
anthro black_body black_skin breasts butt domestic_cat dragon dreamrevolution felid feline felis female fur furred_dragon green_eyes hair hybrid ladyjessica mammal membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings model_sheet multi_tail nipple_piercing nipples nude piercing purple_body purple_hair purple_scales purple_skin purple_theme scales short_hair solo unknown_artist wings
bra clothing cybernetics cyborg dreamrevolution female hair kittyflame machine red_hair solo standing underwear unknown_artist wings