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Character: victoria violeta (usuario2)

Main Role: Ranger.

Gender: Female.
Age: 16 years old(SIRIDIA:DV: Born in May 16th, 184 A.W.E.(After War of Elements))
Specie: Maybe a Desert Rabbit?
Height: 1.71 meters tall.(and growing up.)(ears don't count her height)
Weight: ~58 kilograms.
Body built: Slender.
Breast cup size: B or almost C(And growing, she's still a teen in SIRIDIA:Diario Violeta.)
Nationality: Sahiran.(SIRIDIA:DV)

Personality: Introverted.

Power Element: Darkness.

Description: Vicky is a young violet rabbit girl with a disorderly hair.

Likes: Chocolate.

.:Known Abilities:.

Darkness Rifle: Summon a rifle made of full darkness.(Just shown in the portraits.)

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