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itf transformation

Intersex to Female transformation, where a gynomorph, andromorph, herm, or maleherm character is transformed into a female. This is usually because of some type of magic or surgery transforming the character.

Important: This tag is not to be used for images of a female character who has not gone through either a visual transformation within the image, or has been proven to have done so through dialogue.

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Related tags that may be implied by the transformation:

This tag implicates gender_transformation (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: atf_transformation, gtf_transformation, htf_transformation, mhtf_transformation (learn more).

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2020 ambiguous_gender anthro black_and_white breasts canid canine canis clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) dress duo ear_piercing ear_ring english_text felid female footwear fur gender_transformation hair hi_res high_heels hypnosis intersex itf_transformation jackal kotep lips long_hair mammal mind_control monochrome open_mouth pantherine piercing rubbermage shoes simple_background smile species_transformation spiral_eyes text thick_bottom_lip tiger tongue transformation twinning
2020 ambiguous_gender anthro big_breasts black_hair blackshirtboy bottomwear bracelet breasts canid canine canis cephalopod clothed clothing coleoid digital_media_(artwork) duo ear_piercing female flower fur gender_transformation hair hi_res humanoid intersex intersex/female itf_transformation jackal jewelry kotep lei lips long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal mantle_(mollusk) marine masturbation mollusk nipple_piercing nipples octopodiform open_mouth piercing plant simple_background siphon_(anatomy) siphon_piercing skirt smile tentacle_grab tentacle_masturbation tentacles thick_lips transformation wet white_background
acceptance bed bottomwear breasts bulge canid canine canis clothing curtains denim denim_clothing dialogue dragon english_text feather_duster female female_pov first_person_view fur furniture gender_transformation gesture glistening glistening_clothing gynomorph hair hi_res hoodie horn intersex itf_transformation jeans lepidopteran_wings looking_at_mirror looking_at_object maid_hat maid_uniform male mammal mirror pants phone_call pink_clothing pink_hair pink_hoodie pink_topwear red_eyes red_hair redflare500 reflection rubber_clothing sequence sitting smile solo species_transformation speech_bubble spotlight standing stool text topwear transformation uniform unseen_character waving wings wolf yellow_body zeydaan
1:1 2015 4_breasts bound bovid bovine breast_expansion breasts cattle comic expansion felid felid_taur female gardeaalgedo gender_transformation genitals growth gynomorph hi_res horn horn_growth intersex itf_transformation looking_down machine mammal mammal_taur milking_machine multi_breast nipples nude pantherine pantherine_taur penis railrunner snow_leopard_taur solo taur teats transformation udders