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Where a male-bodied character is changed by an external force (usually another dominant character) to become more stereotypically "feminine" and less stereotypically "masculine", in behavior, sexuality, appearance, or body, often also involving them taking on a more submissive role. Mind control and brainwashing may be involved. Frequently involves gender transformation, but not necessarily - it might just involve an ordinary male character being transformed into a girly one, or there might be no transformation at all and a character could be forced to crossdress.

MTF transformation alone also does not quite imply feminization either, necessarily - feminization deals more with the transition from male to girly/"emasculated" male to, potentially, intersex. An MTF transformation would not necessarily be tagged as feminization unless it noticeably focused on those aspects as it passed through on the way to female, or on the loss of dominance associated with the loss of "masculinity". (For example, see pool #11103)

As with gender transformation, if the feminization process is not shown, it must at least be strongly implied by the circumstances of the picture - for instance, see post #1719191, where a flustered-looking submissive, girly male in feminine clothing is being put in bondage by another dominant-looking character, next to a shelf containing what appear to be clothes of the same color along with various sex toys and bondage implements. (And the dominant of the pair is also crossdressed, collared, and wearing high heels which are locked onto his feet - making it clear that they're submissive to someone else, and that someone is making *them* do feminine things as well.) This is an extreme example; the combination of, say, a girly/crossdressing submissive male character and mind control may be enough.

When a female-bodied character is made even more stereotypically "feminine" (generally involving an increasingly exaggerated body, degree of submissiveness, and sexuality) this is sometimes referred to as bimbofication.

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