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Used for characters/locations related to the fictional "Sexotheque" hotel, as created by the artist of the same name, Sexotheque. Official characters are generally staff members who serve different roles, such as a head of maintenance or a valet. Many commissioners, then, tend to take the role of "guests" in the hotel.

There are also "toys" and "pets," both workers at the hotel who either join voluntarily or are convinced/forced into the role. Though both are seen as submissive roles, "toys" are given significantly less leeway in how they're treated. Guests who aren't careful may end up having a permanent stay at the hotel as either of these positions.

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16:9 2020 4k <3 absurd_res ambiguous_gender anthro audience blonde_hair blue_eyes booties camera clothed clothing cloud confetti costume detailed_background diaper digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) dress duck_costume ducky_daycare duo_focus girly group hair handwear hi_res humiliation lagomorph leporid machine makeup mammal mask mittens performing pink_body props public public_humiliation rabbit rael_bunni_(character) robot sexotheque sexotheque_(copyright) stage stage_play tree tutu video_camera wand waterbot widescreen