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urine inflation

A type of inflation caused by urine entering or being produced by the body. Inflation is usually identified by a visible bulging of some area of the body. A post containing urine inflation most likely also depicts watersports and may feature dominant or submissive characters.

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absurd_res anthro black_body black_fur bodily_fluids braixen breasts canid canine dialogue eevee eeveelution erection eyes_closed eyewear fan_character female female_on_top female_penetrated fur genital_fluids genitals glasses group group_sex hair hi_res horn inflation male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal nintendo nude on_top open_mouth peeing penetration penis pokémon pokémon_(species) pussy raven_eevee raveneevee sex simple_background smile text threesome umbreon urine urine_in_mouth urine_inflation urine_on_penis video_games watersports
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anal anthro anthro_on_feral anthro_penetrated bdsm bestiality bodily_fluids bondage bound breeding_stand canid canine canis chastity_cage chastity_device dragon drooling feral feral_penetrating feral_penetrating_anthro forced_bestiality gag gagged genital_fluids group hi_res inflation knot lagomorph leash leporid male male/male mammal oral orey peeing_inside penetration precum predator/prey rabbit ring_gag ryle saliva sergal torakuta urine urine_in_ass urine_in_mouth urine_inflation watersports wolf