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Images with something on top of something else.

In sexual terms, characters are stacked onto each other.

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2019 activision ami_bandicoot anthro bandicoot bottomwear boxf butt camel_toe clothing crash_bandicoot_(series) duo eyeshadow female green_eyes liz_bandicoot looking_back makeup mammal marsupial pants purple_eyes stacking video_games
animal_humanoid anus bed brown_hair butt clothing duo female female/female female_on_bottom female_on_top furniture genitals hair humanoid humanoid_genitalia humanoid_on_humanoid humanoid_pussy inviting lagomorph lagomorph_humanoid legwear leporid_humanoid long_hair mammal mammal_humanoid mostly_nude on_bed on_bottom on_top palomap plantigrade pussy rabbit_humanoid rear_view stacking
2:3 absurd_res animal_crossing anthro anus ass_stack big_anus big_butt blue_body blue_fur blush brown_body brown_fur butt dog_pile eulipotyphlan eyes_closed female female/female fur genitals group hedgehog hi_res incest_(lore) labelle_able lollipopcon looking_at_viewer looking_back lying mabel_able mammal nintendo nude on_back presenting presenting_anus presenting_hindquarters presenting_pussy puffy_anus purple_body purple_fur pussy sable_able sibling simple_background sister sisters spread_legs spreading stacking thick_thighs video_games white_background
alien all_fours animal_humanoid anthro anus ass_stack balls beach big_butt bodily_fluids breath_of_the_wild butt dagapuff disney duo feet fish fish_humanoid frown gantu genitals grin humanoid lilo_and_stitch looking_at_viewer looking_back male male/male marine marine_humanoid nintendo nude palm_tree perineum presenting prince_sidon seaside shark_humanoid smile stacking sweat the_legend_of_zelda tree video_games