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lgbt pride (locked)

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Posts featuring expressions of support for the LGBT movement, including depictions of a rainbow flag or other pride colors for specific groups, including the bisexual flag, transgender flag, pansexual flag, asexual flag, non-binary flag, et cetera.

Note that LGBT rights remains a particularly sensitive political topic to this day. Posts on eSix that express support for LGBT rights and people often tend to receive several downvotes and very heated comments. Comments expressing support for or against LGBT rights also tend to receive downvotes and heated replies. If this topic is too sensitive to you to handle, regardless on where you stand on the issue, then we highly recommend adding this tag to your blacklist (under Account -> Settings).

e621 would like to remind users that insults and attacks toward other individuals regarding their sexual orientation is against our Code of Conduct.

The following tags are aliased to this tag: trans_pride, lesbian_pride, homosexual_pride, gay_pride, transgender_pride, bisexual_pride, bi_pride, trans_rights, gay_rights, transgender_rights, lgbt+, lgbtq+, lgbt, asexual_pride, ace_pride, lgbtq, pansexual_rights, pan_rights, bisexual_rights, bi_rights, lesbian_rights (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: pride_colors, lgbt_history_month (learn more).

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3d_(artwork) animal_genitalia animal_penis applejack_(mlp) balls big_penis clothing converse detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) equid equine equine_penis erection forsaken_(artist) friendship_is_magic genitals green_eyes gynomorph gynomorph/gynomorph hasbro hi_res intersex intersex/intersex lgbt_pride mammal medial_ring my_little_pony pegasus penis pride_color_clothing pride_colors purple_eyes rainbow_dash_(mlp) rainbow_flag rainbow_pride_flag rainbow_symbol wing_boner wings
2020 3d_(artwork) 4:5 animal_genitalia animal_penis areola balls car clothing detailed_background digital_media_(artwork) equid equine equine_penis forsaken_(artist) friendship_is_magic genitals gesture gynomorph hasbro hi_res intersex lgbt_pride mammal medial_ring my_little_pony nipples pegasus penis pride_color_clothing pride_colors purple_eyes rainbow_dash_(mlp) selfie v_sign vehicle wings
2020 2_toes 5_fingers <3 absurd_res antennae_(anatomy) anthro arthropod barefoot bee beeverly_bee bottomwear clothing crop_top eyebrow_piercing facial_piercing female fingers fluffy footwear fur gesture green_body green_fur hi_res hymenopteran insect lgbt_pride midriff model_sheet muffin_top multicolored_body multicolored_fur neck_tuft pants piercing poofyoutlaw pride_color_clothing pride_colors purple_bottomwear purple_clothing purple_pants shirt shoes simple_background slightly_chubby solo striped_body striped_fur stripes toes tongue tongue_piercing topwear transgender_pride_colors tuft v_sign yellow_body yellow_fur
accessory alpha_channel alphys animal_humanoid anthro blush boots bottomwear braided_hair cat_humanoid cat_tail clothed clothing dress duo eyewear felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid female footwear front_view glasses hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon humanoid kittensurgery lgbt_pride looking_at_viewer mammal mammal_humanoid mew_mew_(undertale) pigeon_toed pin_button pink_hair pride_colors reptile ribbons scales scalie shoes simple_background skirt standing thick_tail three-quarter_view topwear transgender_pride_colors transparent_background undertale video_games yellow_body yellow_scales