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penis hair

Used for posts depicting a character with hair composed of one or more penises.

Tags About Hair

This tag implicates pseudo_hair, penis (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: penis_mane (learn more).

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2018 ami_dixie bedroom_eyes big_penis bodily_fluids cum dicknipples digital_media_(artwork) erection eyelashes flaccid foreskin genital_fluids genitals goo_creature gradient_background gynomorph hair half-closed_eyes humanoid intersex lips looking_at_viewer modeseven multi_genitalia multi_penis narrowed_eyes not_furry nude partially_submerged penis penis_arm penis_creature penis_hair penis_tongue pseudo_hair seductive signature simple_background smile solo sweat teeth vein veiny_penis what what_has_science_done where_is_your_god_now wide_hips
2018 4_arms ami_dixie balls big_balls big_penis blonde_hair dicknipples digital_media_(artwork) english_text flaccid front_view genitals goo_creature gynomorph hair hand_on_hip humanoid intersex looking_at_viewer model_sheet modeseven multi_arm multi_genitalia multi_limb multi_penis multiple_versions not_furry nude open_mouth penis penis_creature penis_hair pseudo_hair simple_background smile solo standing text tongue tongue_out what white_background
2018 ami_dixie bedroom_eyes big_penis blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts brown_penis darkened_genitalia erection eyelashes foreskin foreskin_play foreskin_pull front_view genitals gynomorph hair half-closed_eyes humanoid intersex looking_at_viewer modeseven narrowed_eyes not_furry nude orange_body orange_skin penis penis_arm penis_creature penis_hair pseudo_hair seductive simple_background smile solo uncut vein veiny_penis where_is_your_god_now white_background