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Species: eternatus

Eternatus (Japanese: Mugendaina ムゲンダイナ) is a Poison/Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon.

It is the first and currently only Poison-type Legendary Pokémon, barring Arceus and Silvally with their respective plate and memory items. Excluding Gigantamax forms, it is also the tallest Pokémon at 65'7" (20m).

Eternatus has a skeletal body with transparent red glass-like structures covering its head and chest. Its bones are dark blue, glowing red on the inside. Eternatus has a core inside its chest that absorbs energy from the Galar region, which keeps it active.

Eternatus's energy is responsible for the Dynamax phenomenon. When it absorbs all of the energy in the Galar region, it transforms into its ultimate Eternamax form.

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