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Character: sandbar (mlp)

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Sandbar is a teenage earth pony who made his first appearance in Season 8 as a student with Gallus, Silverstream, Smolder, Ocellus, and Yona in the school of friendship in "School Daze (part 1)"

It was shown and revealed in "She's all yak" (Season 9) he wanted to dance with Yona, upon this she tripped over her dress as a result of this she runs out crying with the others disappointed. Later, Sandbar finds her upset on the balcony of the school, Sandbar tells Yona to be herself and she's beautiful no matter what (I think that what happened).

Revealed in the final episode, "The Last Problem", Sandbar lives with Yona.

Not to confused with Sandbar liking Ocellus, which he got her to sing with him in "The Hearth Warming Club". (as in I'm talking about the fan art)

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