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genital danger play

Genital danger play should be tagged when there is some particularly scary, or intimidating threat imposed on the genitals of a character. The focus of this threat should be on the genitals, and not the character itself.

This tag is very similar to trusting, but trust is not necessarily required as any character could be bound or otherwise there against their own will, therefore the trusting tag should be applied on conditionally.


Fellatio from somebody with rather large, sharp teeth?
Genitals being grabbed by something much larger?
Semi-consensual fellatio by something dangerous and at least somewhat feral?
Balls being lifted by the flat of a blade?

Not to be confused with

This is NOT an imminent_gore or imminent_genital_mutilation like tag; meaning, there should not be anything about to happen that would result in gore, but rather something that shows a clear potential for it.

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