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Copyright: sailor moon redraw challenge

Sailor Moon Redraw (also known as #sailormoonredraw) is a fanart meme that involves redrawing a still image of Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon from Episode 125 of the titular series. The trend began on Twitter in July 2019 and reached viral spread in May 2020.

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absurd_res all_fours anthro big_breasts black_sclera blue_eyes bottomwear breasts butt cleavage clothed clothing cosplay digimon digimon_(species) dipstick_tail eyelashes facial_markings female fur head_markings hi_res huge_breasts legwear markings meme miniskirt multicolored_tail neck_tuft renamon sailor_moon_redraw_challenge skirt solo thigh_highs toto_draw tuft yellow_body yellow_fur yin_yang
2020 blue_eyes breasts cleavage clothed clothing eyewear glasses lagomorph leporid mammal max_blackrabbit maxine_blackbunny rabbit sailor_moon_(character) sailor_moon_(series) sailor_moon_redraw_challenge sailor_uniform
1:1 2020 anthro blue_body blush bow challenge clothed clothing collar digital_media_(artwork) eulipotyphlan green_eyes hedgehog kotyami male mammal sailor_moon_redraw_challenge saloon_dress scared solo sonic_the_hedgehog sonic_the_hedgehog_(film) sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) teeth
2020 anna_(sailoranna) anthro big_breasts blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts clothing equid equine female fur gun hair hi_res horse mammal nipples ranged_weapon sailor_moon_redraw_challenge sailoranna solo torn_clothing weapon white_body white_fur