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ball smother

This tag describes images where a character is smothered by another character's balls, with the testicles covering their nose/mouth, face, head, or entire body - depending on the size of the balls or size difference between the characters. This can be a part of ball_worship and/or male_domination or intersex_domination.

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4_toes 5_fingers anthro anthro_on_feral ball_smother ball_sniffing ball_worship balls balls_on_face balls_on_head bestiality black_body black_scales bodily_fluids butt cave claws donut_anus dragon duo feet feral fingers fur furaffinity genital_fluids genitals interspecies larger_male looking_back male male/male mammal morderek511 mouse multicolored_body multicolored_scales murid murine musk nude orange_body orange_fur paws precum red_body red_scales rodent scales scalie signature size_difference smaller_male smothering sniffing sweat sweaty_balls sweaty_butt sweaty_feet sweaty_genitalia syrrik teeth telegram toe_claws toes twitter two_tone_body two_tone_scales wafflemouse
animal_genitalia animal_penis ball_lick ball_smother ball_suck ball_worship balls balls_on_face balls_on_head bestiality big_balls big_penis blush bottomwear breasts brown_body brown_fur choker clothed clothed/nude clothed_female_nude_male clothing cock_worship collar darkened_genitalia darkened_penis duo_focus equid equine equine_penis erection faceless_male farm female female_on_feral feral fingers flared_penis fur genitals group handjob hi_res horse huge_penis human human_focus human_on_feral hyper hyper_genitalia hyper_penis inquisitorspurius interspecies jewelry kiss_mark larger_feral larger_male licking lipstick_on_balls male male/female mammal medial_ring meme midriff navel necklace not_furry_focus nude oral pants penile penis servicing_from_below sex shirt size_difference smaller_female smile smothering sucking these_aren't_my_glasses tongue tongue_out top topwear
... 2020 <3 animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro antlers ball_smother balls balls_on_face belt big_balls big_breasts big_penis bodily_fluids bottomwear breasts brown_body brown_fur brown_hair bulge butt cervid clothed clothing dialogue digital_media_(artwork) domination duo english_text equine_penis eyewear facesitting fur genitals glasses gynomorph gynomorph/male gynomorph_domination hair hand_on_hip hi_res horn huge_breasts hyucaze intersex intersex/male intersex_domination interspecies legwear looking_pleasured male mammal multicolored_body multicolored_fur muscular muscular_gynomorph muscular_intersex musk neck_rings neck_tuft nipples nude pantyhose penis purple_clothing skirt smothering sweat text thick_thighs topwear tuft two_tone_body two_tone_fur white_body white_fur
3_fingers 3_toes 4:3 absurd_res anthro anus autofellatio ball_smother balls bed big_butt blaziken blue_body blue_fur bodily_fluids bowser butt butt_focus butt_grab charizard claws duo english_text feet fingers fire fur furniture genital_fluids genitals hand_on_butt hi_res inviting knot legs_up lucario lying male male/male mario_bros masturbation miscellanea miscellanea404 musk naughty_face nintendo on_back oral oral_masturbation orange_body orange_scales penile penile_masturbation penis perineum pillow pokémon pokémon_(species) poster precum presenting presenting_anus presenting_balls presenting_hindquarters red_body scales seductive seductive_eyes seductive_smile signature smothering solo sweat sweaty_anus sweaty_balls sweaty_butt sweaty_feet sweaty_genitalia sweaty_legs sweaty_thighs tapering_penis teasing text thick_thighs toe_claws toes video_games wings yellow_body yellow_skin