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feral legs

This tag refers to when an anthropomorphic animal’s legs are similar or identical to the legs of their feral counterpart rather than being fully humanoid. Example: Tom Fischbach’s Flora as opposed to a feral tiger.

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2019 4_toes 7:4 angry antenna_hair anthro barefoot beef biped black_pawpads breasts brown_hair butt casual_nudity chest_tuft claws conditional_dnp dialogue digitigrade emanata english_text featureless_breasts featureless_crotch felid female feral_legs flexing flora_(twokinds) food fur grin hair hand_behind_head hand_on_hip hi_res jewelry keidran mammal meat model_sheet multicolored_body multicolored_fur necklace nude one_leg_up orange_body orange_fur pantherine pawpads plate raised_leg simple_background small_breasts smile soles solo steak striped_body striped_fur stripes tan_background text tiger toes tom_fischbach tuft twokinds url webcomic white_body white_fur