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Artist: gosannana

At some point, they deleted all of the transformation art off their Pixiv. It's uncertain why. Archive this one, they might disappear someday.

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anthro bust_portrait canid canine cape cheek_tuft clothed clothing dress_shirt facial_tuft fangs female fox fully_clothed fur gosannana hair head_grab mammal open_mouth portrait shirt solo topwear tuft white_body white_fur white_hair
anthro bust_portrait canid canine cape clothed clothing dress_shirt fangs female fox fully_clothed fur gosannana mammal open_mouth portrait shirt smile solo tongue tongue_out topwear white_body white_fur
<3 after_masturbation anthro anus blue_eyes blush bodily_fluids bottomless breasts canid canine cellphone cheek_tuft clothed clothing crotch_tuft dialogue dildo facial_tuft female fox fur genital_fluids genitals gosannana hi_res japanese_text legwear mammal mostly_nude multiple_poses nipples open_mouth partially_translated phone plantigrade pose pussy pussy_juice sex_toy shirt smartphone socks solo text tongue tongue_out topwear translation_request tuft white_body white_fur
anthro black_nose blush breasts canid canine cheek_tuft claws crotch_tuft facial_tuft female fox fur gosannana hair hand_mirror hi_res inner_ear_fluff makeup mammal nipples solo standing tuft white_body white_fur