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horror (theme)

Unsettling images that provoke fear, uneasiness and dread from the viewer. If a character seems to feel this way but the image as a whole is not creepy to the viewer, then use horror (expression) instead.

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16:9 animatronic clothing dead_by_daylight elementz808 evil_grin five_nights_at_freddy's five_nights_at_freddy's_3 floopy_ears gloves green_body handwear horror_(theme) locker machine male not_furry robot scared smile solo_focus springtrap_(fnaf) video_games white_eyes widescreen
3d_(artwork) 5:4 anal anal_penetration balls barefoot biomechanical butt digital_media_(artwork) double_penetration erection genitals group group_sex horror_(theme) human human_on_humanoid human_penetrated humanoid humanoid_penetrating humanoid_penetrating_human interspecies lex-icon male male/male mammal monster not_furry penetration penile penile_penetration penis_in_ass sex threesome
2021 ahegao bodily_fluids bonbon_(mlp) brain_eating brain_fuck death drooling duo epicsubterfuge equid equine eye_roll female female/female friendship_is_magic grimdark hasbro horn horror_(theme) horse looking_pleasured lyra_heartstrings_(mlp) mammal my_little_pony oral oral_penetration penetration pony saliva smile suffering tears tears_of_pain tentacle_in_mouth tentacle_monster tentacle_penetration tentacles tongue tongue_out unicorn
anthro arthropod bed bed_bondage blonde_hair blood blue_eyes bodily_fluids bound breasts canid canine canis charlie_(bunniecope) domestic_dog female feverchilll floppy_ears furniture gore guts hair hallucination hands_tied herding_dog hi_res horror_(theme) insect intestines long_hair maggots mammal organs pastoral_dog restrained rope sad shadow small_breasts solo vent vent_art welsh_corgi wounded