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horror (theme)

Unsettling images that provoke fear, uneasiness and dread from the viewer. If a character seems to feel this way but the image as a whole is not creepy to the viewer, then use horror (expression) instead.

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16:9 4k absurd_res arthropod dipteran female hi_res horror_(theme) insect nightmare_fuel solo spider_web teratophile teratophilia widescreen
16:9 4k absurd_res arthropod centipede female hi_res horror_(theme) insect inuyasha myriapod nightmare_fuel solo teratophile widescreen
bathilda_bagshot black_clothing cataracts clothing concept_art corpse creepy dark dark_background death duo female grey_background harry_potter hi_res horror_(theme) human mammal monochrome nagini_(character) nightmare_fuel official_art old open_mouth parasite progression reptile scales scalie simple_background snake swallowing swallowing_parasite tongue tongue_out transformation unknown_artist white_eyes
16:9 2019 aiming ambiguous_gender anatid animated anseriform avian bird bone canid canine canis close-up creepy death digital_media_(artwork) domestic_dog duck duck_hunt duck_hunt_dog feral flashback gore grass group gun hi_res high_framerate horror_(theme) human long_playtime lumpy_touch male mammal nintendo outside photo picture_frame pixel_(artwork) pixel_animation ranged_weapon scary shooting shotgun skeleton sound sun sunset tree undead video_games voice_acted weapon webm what widescreen zombie