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an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work that has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect

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activision anime band-aid bandage bandicoot bread cliché clothing coco_bandicoot crash_bandicoot crash_bandicoot_(series) eating female food humor kitchen_utensils mammal mario-grant marsupial running school_uniform serafuku time toast tools uniform video_games
2017 4_fingers 4_toes ace_(lilo_and_stitch) alien ambiguous_gender antennae_(anatomy) claws cliché dialogue dipstick_antennae disney ears_down embarrassed english_text experiment_(lilo_and_stitch) facepalm fan_character fingers fur gesture gloves_(marking) graphite_(artwork) greyscale half-closed_eyes head_tuft hi_res humor leg_markings lilo_and_stitch looking_at_another male markings monochrome multicolored_antennae muscular narrowed_eyes notched_ear open_mouth ovni pencil_(artwork) petrock pivoted_ears pointing simple_background text toe_claws toes traditional_media_(artwork) tuft white_background
1:1 anthro canid canine chiropteran cliché clothing comic commentary digital_media_(artwork) dress electra english_text equid equine eye_patch eyewear female fox fur group hair horse humor knight lipstick makeup mammal membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings multi_tail nyxis parody pink_body pink_fur pink_hair purple_hair realistic_wings technicolorpie text uniform warrior white_body white_fur wings
anthro bodily_fluids breasts canid canine cliché clothed clothing dialogue english_text eyewear fatima female fox genital_fluids glasses mammal pussy pussy_juice seamen skimpy solo student text