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obese female

obese_female is a "general tag" that can be used to define a female character who is either obese or overweight.

This tag implicates obese, overweight_female (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: morbidly_obese_female (learn more).

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3:4 absurd_res anthro armwear beach belly big_breasts black_sclera blue_eyes breasts bridal_gauntlets chest_tuft claws clothed clothing digimon digimon_(species) dipstick_ears featureless_breasts female fur hi_res homemosaco looking_at_viewer looking_back markings mostly_nude multicolored_ears multicolored_tail obese obese_anthro obese_female overweight overweight_anthro overweight_female pose renamon seaside smile solo toes topless topless_female tuft white_body white_fur wide_hips yellow_body yellow_fur
2020 4_fingers <3 absurd_res alpha_channel anthro bedroom_eyes belly big_belly big_butt breasts brown_body brown_eyes brown_fur butt cadbury cadbury_bunny eyelashes female fingers fur hand_on_stomach hi_res lagomorph leporid mammal mascot narrowed_eyes navel nude obese obese_anthro obese_female overweight overweight_anthro overweight_female rabbit ribbons ridiculouscake seductive smile solo thick_thighs tree
2019 animal_crossing animated anthro belly big_belly blonde_hair bouncing_belly canid canine canis clothed clothing domestic_dog female fur hair hand_on_stomach holding_belly isabelle_(animal_crossing) loop mammal morbidly_obese morbidly_obese_anthro morbidly_obese_female nintendo obese obese_anthro obese_female overweight overweight_anthro overweight_female ridiculouscake shih_tzu short_playtime simple_background smile solo toy_dog video_games yellow_body yellow_fur
absurd_res anthro armwear belly big_belly big_breasts black_nose bracelet breasts brown_body brown_fur brown_hair buckteeth canid canine canis cleavage clothed clothing crown curvy_figure domestic_dog duo elbow_gloves eyelashes eyewear female fur garter_belt garter_straps garuda_six glasses gloves grey_body grey_fur hair handwear hi_res jewelry lagomorph leporid lingerie long_hair looking_at_another mammal mary_blissany may_(garuda_six) morbidly_obese obese obese_female open_mouth overweight overweight_female rabbit simple_background standing swimwear teeth thick_thighs voluptuous weight_gain