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Artist: makoto (xtruth)

If anyone knows more about this artist, please update this entry. This artist is known to have drawn several humanoid images related to a dead pixiv account. Some sources may have the artist as mako_(xtruth).

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4:3 5_fingers 5_nails :3 animal_humanoid arched_back bangs biped black_pupils black_text blazblue breasts brown_ears brown_eyes brown_hair brown_tail character_name clothed clothing colored_fingernails colored_nails crop_top dark_pupils dark_text dipstick_hair female fingernails fingers grey_hair hair hair_between_eyes humanoid humanoid_face humanoid_hands interlocked_fingers iris light_body light_breasts light_face light_nose light_skin looking_aside looking_at_viewer makoto_(xtruth) makoto_nanaya mammal mammal_humanoid medium_breasts medium_hair monotone_body monotone_breasts monotone_ears monotone_face monotone_inner_ear monotone_nails monotone_skin monotone_tail multicolored_eyes multicolored_hair nails outstretched_arms pink_fingernails pink_inner_ear pink_nails pupils rodent rodent_humanoid sciurid sciurid_humanoid shirt side_bangs side_boob simple_background slim solo squirrel_humanoid tan_body tan_breasts tan_eyes tan_face tan_nose tan_skin text topwear tree_squirrel_humanoid two_tone_eyes two_tone_hair video_games